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Banana Barracks Working Backpacker Hostel is situated in the country town of Tully, Far North Queensland. Tully, which is about 148km south of Cairns, is located between Mt Mackay (723m) and Mt Tyson (687m).

Tully is regarded as one of the most reliable 'year round' work venues in Australia. 'Banana Barracks' is a purpose built working backpackers hostel. Farms of melons, pumpkins, and sugarcane surround Tully but mostly...BANANAS! Generally, boys are recruited to ‘hump’ or ‘hang’ the banana bunches while girls ‘sort’ the bananas or ‘prune’ the banana trees.

Earn cash to further your holiday in Australia whilst enjoying the tropical surroundings Tully has to offer. Banana Barracks Hostel also has Rafters Party Bar located on Butler Street. Banana Barracks is centrally located with IGA Supermarket only a 5–minute walk and the post office, chemists, newsagencies, banks and other shops nearby.

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The Banana Barracks Working Backpacker Hostel is only a 5-minute walk from the bus stop.

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