Humping bananas

Tully is regarded as one of the most reliable ‘year round’ work venues in Australia. ‘Banana Barracks’ is a purpose built working backpacker hostel.

Farms of melons, pumpkins, and sugarcane surround Tully but mostly...BANANAS! Banana farming involves physical labour, however any reasonably fit person is more than capable.

In the main, boys are recruited to ‘hump’ or balance the heavy banana bunches on their shoulder from the tree to the trailer in the paddock or ‘hang’ the banana bunches up on a moving line from the trailer in the shed.

Girls usually work in the shed to ‘sort’ the bananas before they are packed or are out in the paddock pruning the banana trees.

In order for you to be placed on the work list you are required to have completed a Banana Farm Safety Induction and hold a valid Yellow Card as proof of induction.

We do not guarantee work as it is not guaranteed to us. However, we do our best to find you work as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee the amount of work, as horticultural work is subject to change without notice, often due to the weather or market prices.

Working on Farms

Here is a bit more information about the work:

It is our responsibility to the farmers to ensure all workers are of the hard working variety as they expect a fair days work for a fair days pay. The farmer may refuse to allow you to work if you are not dressed appropriately or ill–equipped for the days work. Therefore we have compiled a list of basic equipment needed when going to work:

  1. Current Working Holiday Maker Visa (WHV)
  2. Australian Tax file number (or have made application for tax file number)
  3. Bank account details (Australian). Make sure you have both the BSB (Branch number) and the account number
  4. Old clothes, old shoes or rubber boots / wellingtons (closed in shoes), hat, rubber gloves, sunscreen (30+) and bug/insect repellent
  5. You must take enough food for both smoko (first break) and lunch
  6. Lots of drinking water (3–4litres per person per day)

Picking Seasons

All year round (Some quieter times do occur) BANANAS!!!, Pawpaws
June November Sugar Cane Planting
October December Watermelons, Pumpkins

Local people often ask for backpackers to assist with other labouring work and helping in their homes.

If you require further information contact us.


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